Light-A-Life Charity Run


Organised by HELP University students, the run was a brilliant success - and to me, they passed with flying colours, so to speak!

I got to run in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon!


Having missed the registration deadline, I thought I wouldn't be able to participate. But I did! The 10km distance of course, not the marathon :)

Cancer Awareness Fun Run


A brief blogpost about my experience in the Cancer Awareness Fun Run organised by HUKM.

We Ran For A Second Chance!


The four of us took part in a charity run, for the sake of the animals. Here is my take on the run - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Lorna Jane Sisterhood : Active Nation Day


Celebrated on September 28, Active Nation Day is aimed at encouraging women to mark their commitment to Active Living by getting out and moving their bodies.

My first 10km : 2XU Compression Run 2014


I ran my first competitive 10km run ... and survived!!!

A Wonderful Surprise from Throwdown Malaysia!


I won a giant Magnum glove autographed by various UFC champions and MMA fighters!

My First Competitive Run at Tropicana Nite Race 2014

Tropicana Nite Race 2014

My first competitive race, and my first run that is more than 5km - which was also the extent of my training. A test of my stamina and endurance for 8.5km.

My Happiest 5K!

The Color Run 2014

The Color Run, presented by CIMB Bank, was one of the best and happiest fun runs I've ever been in.

What May Work For Others May Not Work For You


Just because something supposedly works for most people, doesn’t mean that it would necessarily work for you.

Nibroll see/saw : a dancer’s perspective


I had the opportunity to be part of Nibroll see/saw at KLPac! My first time taking part in a theatrical dance production, and attempting contemporary.

Why blend when you can just eat?


Why blend your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie when you can just eat them?

Juicing vs Blending

Enjoy a low fat smoothie!

Should you juice or should you blend your fruits and vegetables to make a nutritious drink?

Why you should avoid packaged fruit juices


There are many benefits in drinking fruit juice. But here is why you should avoid packaged fruit juice.

October’s Vegetable of the Month: Celebrating the Celery


There are so many benefits to the celery that this blog doesn't even have enough space to list them all out!

October’s Fruit of the Month: Dragonfruit, the Super Fruit


Ever heard of the dragonfruit? Whether you have or not, it's time to start introducing this super fruit into your diet!

Body, Mind and Soul Detoxification at Janda Baik


A weekend retreat consisting of juice fast, yoga, and natural healing sessions.

My Trip to Taman Negara: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


A reworked article from my original that was posted in 2012. Highlights of my trip to Taman Negara which included the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Horse Trekking at AS Equestrian Centre


A Groupon deal that wasn't really quite worth it. But still, we had an exciting day.

Weight Loss and Detox Workshop at Surya Yoga


An informative session at Surya Yoga opened my eyes to the correct way to losing weight, as well as the concept of detoxification.