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Well, this is cool... our medals can be strung together continuously

Setia Ecohill Rescue Run 2015

Event date: Jul 26, 2015

Oh no! A mission run? What happened to just good ol’ running for the medal? Here’s what happened at the Setia Ecohill Rescue Run….


Bottled Hope Run 2015

Event date: Jun 7, 2015

Bottled Hope Run was organised in conjunction with the Bottled Hope Day. It was a very interesting event, and a very pleasant run!


KCK Fun Run 2015

Event date: Jun 6, 2015

The KCK Fun Run organised by the Kiwanis Club of Klang at Setia Alam was a fairly decent run, although many things could have been improved.


Living Great at the Live Great Run!

Event date: May 24, 2015

This year, I took part in the 12km race in the Live Great Run – and they were not kidding when they said there were challenges to face!


My Run Up The KL Tower!

Event date: May 17, 2015

My first experience of the KL Towerthon. The sweat, the challenges, and the pretty photo that appeared in a magazine afterward!


My experience at the 4th Ipoh Dancesport

Event date: Aug 8, 2015

For the first time ever, I suffered a series of unfortunate events just before going on the floor for my dance competition!!! … but fortunately things ended well that night!


My first half marathon – RHB Half Marathon

Event date: Feb 8, 2015

I did my first half marathon at the RHB Half Marathon 2015! With no training nor any running the past 4 weeks. Plus I had a few mishaps involving socks and kinesiology tape.


Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon 2014

Event date: Dec 21, 2014

I wanted to finish up my year with a weekend every run; but the last few weekends of December looked blank. Then the Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon 2014 popped up!