2016 In Review

Doing a review of my year for the first time. This has been a year full of personal accomplishments, for me. A quick look on the year, and looking forward to the new year!

World Bachata Festival 2016

The World Bachata Festival 2016 is back – and with a bang! Organised by the beautiful Liitha Krishnan and her amazing team, they have been tirelessly working all year to bring some of the world’s best salsa and bachata instructors and dancers right here to our little city of Petaling Jaya!

My Photoshoot with Elisha Rusli

If you’re wondering where I got some of the professional-looking photos used in this website, they were taken during a photoshoot I had with Elisha of Bulletproof Branding and Design. Read about my experience and take a look at some of the photos!

The wettest run ever at PUMA Night Run 2015

It was a dark and stormy night. And when it rains, it pours. Held on 31 October 2015, this was the only run event I have ever been in that was cancelled midway through the run; only that I wasn’t told about it, even after I finished the run!