An Overview of the Detox Retreat

Body Detoxification

Me jumping by the river
Me jumping by the river

There are many ways to detoxify the body; the method chosen by Surya Yoga was to go on a juice fast, because although it was a liquid diet, the fruits and vegetables still provided the right amount nutrients that the body needs to function. Because during this time the body was fasting, high impact and strenous activities were discouraged, hence there were only two yoga sessions planned. I think many people were hoping for more yoga sessions throughout the retreat, but the body may not have been able to keep up due to lack of food.

My take: I was really hoping that the detox process would work for me. After the retreat, I heard that many ladies found a lot of “stones” in their waste (which meant their body managed to expel a lot of accumulated bad stuff), and some found their skin had cleared or they felt so much healthier after the retreat.

Those were the benefits I was hoping to gain, but unfortunately I found that instead of clearing my digestive system, it clogged up instead.

Well… the reason for this is because some things that work for other people don’t necessarily work for me. Vegetables have always been advocated as a good way to clean the bowels; I find that taking vegetables give me constipation instead. I have already tried increasing my vegetable intake a few times before, and instead of making things better, it made things worse.

I normally don’t have a problem with bowel movement. But after this retreat, I was feeling uncomfortable and heavy for several days. It was only after slipping back into my normal diet that my body also went back to normal.

I am not saying that this detox process doesn’t work. It evidently works for most people; unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I was rather disappointed about that actually, because I had been looking forward to cleansing my system.

Mind and Soul Detoxification

In addition to the juice fast, Surya Yoga planned many alternative healing sessions, including meditation, agnihotra, sound healing, and energy healing. It was a truly eye-opening experience as I have never really been exposed to any of those therapies before, and getting firsthand experience was awesome.

I am not a “sensitive” person – meaning, I can’t see or sense things like spirits, energies or auras easily. It’s not that I don’t believe in them; in fact, I do – blind faith really, since I can’t sense them. So I was truly surprised when I was able to feel an inner warmth during the sound and energy healing session. What it meant and whether or not anything was being healed, I don’t know; but you usually can’t fix everything in one session. Usually several sessions are recommended for better healing.

Plus, the location was lovely, with so much greenery and a serene shallow river running just outside the resort. The only problem were the village kids playing with firecrackers at night, but otherwise it was quite a charming place.

Would I sign up for a detox retreat again? Would I recommend anyone to go for a detox retreat? Yes and yes!

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