Spotlight on… DJ Selva

DJ Selva is one of the most sought after Afro-Latin DJs and Emcees in Asia. Reputed as the prodigal “crowd-pleaser”, his early training in classical music from the age of 6 and experience as a DJ in R&B dance clubs from the tender age of 17 has helped him gain an invaluable skill in the art of music-mixing and crowd-pleasing.

Spotlight on …. Harry Ang

Harry Ang is the driving force behind Malaysia’s Bachata scene. Through his efforts in teaching, choreographing, DJ-ing and organizing the only Bachata Sensual social night in the country, Bachata has gained popularity and is growing rapidly.

We are now Rhythm Spotlight

Thank you everyone for your support the past few years! We have changed our site name to “Rhythm Spotlight”. Some of you may be wondering… another name change?? Didn’t you just change the website name recently? Yes, we did. So we are going to level with you.

A Night of Beautiful Tango

An unforgettable night of beautiful Argentine Tango performances! We had the honour of watching some of the best dancers perform live. Read about it and watch some of the dances we managed to catch on video!